Joan - Yoga Teacher

Instructor Joan - Yoga Teacher

Number of years experience: 40+ years
Qualified in: Yoga
Speciality area: Iyengar Yoga

Joan is a knowledgeable and precise yoga teacher with a wide and varied experience both in the UK and abroad. She has excellent yoga qualifications including certificates at the Manchester Institute of Iyengar Yoga gained in the 1970s and several classes with B.K.S Iyengar. Her work has included teaching varied Adult education classes, stressed Fifth Formers preparing for exams, prisoners at Norwich Men’s Prison and private classes.

She has taught yoga days and weekends at home and abroad and runs yoga leisure breaks for HF Holidays throughout the UK. Her work with girls in a clinic for Eating Disorders and with pregnant women was featured on national and regional TV. She also taught yoga on the P&O Cruise ship “The Arcadia” on its maiden voyage.

Joan has an intuitive and sensitive approach and you can feel confident that she will teach yoga appropriate for all levels of practice, ability and experience

Hazel Harris

Instructor Hazel - Pilates Instructor

Number of years experience: 30+ years
Qualified in: Pilates & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy
Speciality area: Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist and Pilates Instructor

With a background in teaching, coupled with a second career as a Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist and Pilates Instructor in a private physiotherapy practice, Hazel brings an informal and fun style to her teaching with a strong clinical background, so  clients can rest assured that they are in safe hands.

Hazel believes that through carefully planned Pilates classes anyone of any age or level of fitness can experience improved strength, mobility and fitness, leading to a better quality of life.


Instructor Charlotte - Dance & Yoga

Number of years experience: 10+ years
Qualified in: Dance, Yoga, Falls Prevention Exercise
Speciality area: Dance

Charlotte is a widely experienced dance artist, having worked with dancers of all ages, and from all walks of life. Her work has been featured on both BBC and ITV News, and is regularly approached to provide mentoring services to new artists.

Initially training at the prestigious Trinity Laban Conservatoire, and going on to qualify as a registered teacher, Charlotte went on to further specialise in working with the community.

These include working with children and young people living with a learning difference, within a women’s refuge, a children’s hospice, with dancers living with Parkinson’s, within residential care homes and mental health units, with professional dancers, in a castle, on an army base, and with 300 children on the beach!

She has since added Yoga to her repertoire, and within her classes the two disciplines often blend. Her dance classes are fun and engaging with a focus on creativity and inclusion. Her yoga classes combine many years of experience working with lots of different bodies with the musicality and flow of dance.

Mr Dodd

Instructor Mr Dodd - Fitness

Number of years experience: 8 years
Qualified in: Chairecise, Legs Bums & Tums, Bungeecise, PowerHoop, Yoga Laughter and Group training
Speciality area: Group Fitness Classes

Multi award winning Group Fitness Instructor who has a vibrant and infectious personality.
Fun and charismatic character who recognises individuals strength and weaknesses to enable efficient goal planning. Main goal in life is to keep people motivated and moving and healthy both physically and mentally. Mr Dod has worked closely with some of the biggest and best care homes in the UK and is now recognised as one of the leading fitness instructors for the ageing UK population.
Specialises in group fitness classes for all age groups.

Instructor Terri - HIIT

Number of years experience: 3 years with a 100% success rate
Qualified in: Personal Training, Boxercise, circuits, Boot camp and Group training
Speciality area: Reach any goals

100% success rate with helping people with, fat loss, muscle gain, mental health, confidence and overall fitness.

Qualified in Personal Training, Boxercise, circuits, Boot camp and Group training.

I am, fun, bubbly, loud and realistic about life goals and achievements, my main goal in life is to keep people fit and healthy physically and mentally whilst looking after my 5 and 6 year old and trying to show them the right paths to take in life.

Specialise in helping people reach any goals big or small they may have by putting a realistic time frame on their goals and doing everything possible to get them to where they want to be.


Instructor Daena - HIIT Personal Training

Number of years experience: 1
Qualified in: Personal Training, Indoor Cycling, Circuit Classes & HIIT
Speciality area: Building Strength

Although relatively new to the fitness industry, Daena’s thirst for knowledge propels her through her career. She invests time into understanding more about the physiology of the body while also building on her nutrition knowledge to ensure she can be the best coach she can be.


Daena is positive, supportive and compassionate. Seeing people’s faces when they realise they’ve accomplished an exercise they initially thought was impossible makes her incredibly happy.


Daena has specialised in resistance training and has gained a lot of knowledge when it comes to building strength and muscle. However, as an Indoor Cycle and HIIT instructor, she can also pump up the room to create a vibrant energy which turns into an intense and sweaty class!



Instructor Alysha - Dance & Yoga

Number of years experience: 7 years
Qualified in: Dance, Yoga and Somatic practice
Speciality area: Dance

Alysha is experienced in a variety of dance styles, her passion is in contemporary dance, dance with older people and creative dance. Alysha has worked with all ages and abilities and in a number of settings such as care homes, communities, schools and performance projects.
Alysha initially gained a degree in dance and english literature at the University of Chester gaining a masters in dance and somatic well being from UClan.
Alysha is also trained in yoga and has specialised in baby, children's, pregnancy and chair based yoga. Alysha likes her yoga classes to be challenging and strength building but also fun and adaptable for each individual.
Alysha values the physical, mental and social elements of movement classes and works to create a safe, inclusive and fun environment for everyone to make progress and enjoy themselves through movement. Alysha often blends both yoga and dance together rather than seeing them as wholly separate as they both celebrate moving the body, sensing and releasing.

Instructor Lloyd - Abs/Core & Personal Training

Number of years experience: 20 years
Qualified in: Personal Trainer, Boxing Coach, Bootcamp Instructor, Ex-Military PT, Nutrition
Speciality area: Core and Bootcamp

Lloyd brings a wealth of experience to the EasyActive8 Instructor team. He might look big and scary but he brings a warmth to his workouts. However, if you are not putting the effort in, his military side will come out. Experienced in Bootcamp training and Boxing brings a different dynamic to our classes. Book in to Personal Training with Lloyd or one of his Abs & Core classes.